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GreenCine Review

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PROS / GreenCine provides customers with quite an impressive array of genres.

CONS / The website lacks refinement and professionalism.

 VERDICT / If GreenCine modified its website, it could pass into the top three online DVD rental providers with ease.

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Remember growing up hearing "Appearances aren’t everything"? Well, when it comes to website design, this old adage does not hold true.

Let's take GreenCine.com for example. GreenCine.com lacks the refinement and professionalism of Netflix and Blockbuster's sites. Information is scattered around and a lot of scrolling is involved to get the information you need.

If organized better, and given a flashy interface, however, GreenCine could actually become one of the best choices for online DVD rental providers. Unlike many other online DVD rental providers, GreenCine feels like a community of movie lovers instead of just a business. GreenCine provides its customers with various blogs, press releases on new movies, a discussion board and a very generous list of genres.

GreenCine offers six different plans:

$9.95 per month = One disc at a time
$14.95 per month = Two discs at a time
$21.95 per month = Three discs at a time
$27.95 per month = Four discs at a time
$33.95 per month = Five discs at a time
$49.95 per month = Eight discs at a time

The prices are a bit steep in comparison to the other online DVD rental providers but, unlike our other competitors, GreenCine is the only online movie provider that allows more than one disc to be rented out at a time, according to your plan. They also have an a la carte option which allows customers the freedom of not paying membership dues, paying for one movie at a time, if they choose.

GreenCine gives a portion of member's monthly dues to film and art organizations around the country, something totally unique to our online DVD rental providers list. There are also no late fees and free postage. Paying members and the public alike also have access to member lists and reviews.

The movie information provided by Greencine includes: cast, director, rating, synopsis of movie, genre, running time, languages and subtitles, like most of the other online DVD rental providers. Unlike the others, however, it also includes additional features to be found on the DVD and the individual chapter names. For some of the movies, an additional bonus is having member reviews in their entirety posted right under the movie information. For those movies with member reviews not posted, in some occasions, GreenCine has added movies you might also like. We did not like the inconsistency of posting additional information, though.

GreenCine provides customers the option of picking their flicks and receiving them by mail only. There was no information about online streaming or viewing on hand-held devices except an advertisement at the top of the page stating that podcast interviews, DVD reviews and new DVD releases could now be read on Nokia cell phone selectors.

When looking at the genres provided by GreenCine, it is easy to get a bit overwhelmed and little over excited by so many choices. Each genre has a main header, such as the category of crime films, but under the main header are sub heads such as classic crime, courtroom, crime TV, etc. With over 30 different genres, GreenCine has really pushed the envelope. One thing to mention, some of the genres are very category specific like "Cult," "Silent," "Comic Book," "Film Noir" and "Espionage." GreenCine has many of the more notable films but focuses on "independent, art house, classics, foreign, documentary, anime and Asian cinema" and claims to have more than three times the selection of Anime titles than any other provider.

Compared to other online DVD rental services, GreenCine has a very understated support page. GreenCine users can look at a frequently asked questions sections, email them for support or request a catalog. If you click on the contact page link at the bottom of the support section, you will find several more email addresses. Unfortunately, none of them have anything to do with help or support.


GreenCine is a great online DVD rental service, especially for customers interested in more artistic films. But the site itself is in dire need of a facelift. GreenCine's genre offerings are amazing, but the problems with their interface are hard to ignore. If they spent some much-needed time in this area, we believe people would really take notice of everything GreenCine has to offer.