Blockbuster Online Review

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PROS / Blockbuster Online provides good help and support options and the option of in-store movie exchange.

CONS / The website could stand to have better search capabilities and more genres of movies to offer customers.

VERDICT / This service is better than most of its kind, but more offerings and better searches would be needed to put it at the top.

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It's always tough to be second-best, but Blockbuster Online's struggle to fill these shoes is evident. This TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award winning online DVD rental provider seems a bit forced in comparison to our top-ranked service, Netflix.

All of the information provided for each movie is a feature to be appreciated. Like Netflix, the movie information includes cast members, directors, genre and rating. But, unlike Netflix, Blockbuster Online allows the awesome bonus of viewing a trailer of the movie in its DVD Spotlight section. We also enjoyed the fact that, when hovering over a movie or television shows, little icons appear and tell you the viewing options available such as "DVD available to rent by mail," "DVD available to buy online" and "Buy download available."

 Blockbuster also has the added bonus of not only having the option of choosing from 95,000 movie and television shows, but also the option to rent more than 3,000 video games.


Blockbuster Online is a good option for an online DVD provider; we were just very disappointed in the lack of accessibility Blockbuster provides their customers. In spite of this shortcoming, we would still recommend Blockbuster Online because of its in-store exchange option for customers, diverse payment structure and the ability to cancel at any time.