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Online DVD Rental Reviews

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Online DVD Rental Review

Why Use Online DVD Rentals?

With movie rental stores quickly disappearing, everyone is looking to streaming movies and online DVD rentals. The convenience of loading as many movies as you want into a wish list and having them mailed to you as soon as one is returned is hard to resist. You can even add movies before they release so that they're in your DVD player the day after they hit stores. Many companies not only rent DVDs online, but also allow you to stream them from your video game console, smart TV, tablet or smartphone.

A few may believe that turning to the web for their entertainment needs may cause an overwhelming deluge of choices. Yes, there are many genres to choose from, but isn’t that what makes watching movies and television online so fabulous? You have choices, tons and tons of choices. No longer are you constrained to the movie store's subpar collection of your favorite foreign films and classic musicals. The doors of dubbed flicks and singing stars have now been flung wide open, ready for you to bury yourself in their Hollywood magic.

Though Netflix is the clear leader in this industry, CafeDVD is a decent alternative to the online conglomerate. Netflix is a fantastic example of perfecting the use of online DVD rental and live streaming. You can learn more by reading our articles about online DVD rental services, which explain the advantages of online DVD rentals and the option of live streaming for movies and television.

Online DVD Rental: What to Look For

The age-old question "What is in it for me?" still rings true when it comes to deciding where to rent movies online. When mulling over your choices, make sure to remember some key factors.

Membership Benefits and Features
Being able to add a streaming package adds more variety to your movie viewing, plus it's convenient if you mail all your DVDs back at the same time and are waiting for replacements. Not having a due date is always a bonus, and of course, no late fees. Think twice if you're charged for shipping or if it's not rolled into a package price. Other items that you'll want include a free trial, thousands of movies to choose from and a short delivery time. Another thing to check: Can you get Blu-rays, not just DVDs?

Look for companies that mail your DVDs right to your home. You also want DVDs that are compatible with your DVD or Blu-Ray player and computers with disc drives. The ability to stream on multiple devices is an added bonus.

Genre Availability
The beauty of the human race is how different we each are. Some of us love musicals. Some of us enjoy comedy, while others like drama. Some of us live for the adrenaline rush when we watch horror films, while others would much rather relax and learn through documentaries. When choosing an online DVD rental provider, keep in mind your likes and dislikes, not just the price of the plan. Make sure that you are going to be 100 percent satisfied with the genre selection.

Movie Information
Do you have a favorite actor, director or genre you are loyal to? If you are a parent, will you only allow your children watch G- or PG-rated films? Whatever your preferences, it is important to make sure the online company you select allows you to view actors, directors, genre, ratings, running time, etc. for each show before renting your video or television programs.

Help & Support
The online DVD rental service you choose should provide its users with ample help and support options to respond to any concerns and answer any questions. The world of online DVD rental isn’t a complicated one, but there is always an occasion when something will be amiss. When this happens, it is good to know your provider is there to help. Make sure when choosing a provider, you check out their help and support options. Can you reach them only by email or will they have online technical support chat? Make sure you know who to turn to when you’re in a pinch.

Watching the latest movies from the comfort of your own home is still a favored activity around the world. Enjoy a little more family time and the convenience of DVDs brought right to your front door with one of these services.

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